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Famous Athletes and Their Performance on a Plant-Based Diet

Venus Williams
Venus Williams: Professional tennis player Venus Williams credits her plant-based diet for improved energy and recovery from injury.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton: Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton switched to a plant-based diet in 2017, citing improved energy and a desire to reduce his carbon footprint.

David Haye
Professional Boxer
In a 2018 interview with PETA, David Haye stated, “I’m vegan because I want to be the best boxer I can be and also to show people that there are options available to them.”

Nate Diaz
Professional Mixed Martial Artist
In a 2018 interview with PETA, Nate Diaz stated, “I’m vegan because I want to stay healthy and have the best performance, and I also care about animals and the environment.”

Kendrick Farris
Professional Weightlifter
In a 2018 interview with Greatest, Kendrick Farris stated, “I feel better and more alert when I’m eating vegan. I also want to show people that you can be a top-level athlete and still eat vegan.”

Scott Jurek
Scott Jurek: ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek has been following a vegan diet for over 20 years and attributes his success to his plant-based lifestyle.

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Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell: Two years after becoming vegan, Mitchell ran the 400-meter race in her first Olympics. She says that the benefits of eating vegan were clear to see.